What do we do?

With years of experience in creating digital products and our technological know-how, we have developed solutions that allows us to transform ideas into well-functioning enterprises.

Startup package

Have you genius idea but you don't know how to build it? We will estimate your next steps for free.


Responsive, attractive, SEO friendly websites. We are ready to create local businesses and global unicorns.

Mobile aps

We have experience in creating mobile apps works on android and ios. Notifications, geolocation, booking are available to your business.

Robotics and IoT

Need unique physical solution in your company or house? Electronics is our passion and we are not afraid to use soldering iron.

Infrastructure and DevOps

We design internet software infrastructure based on the most popular existing services. We can also take care of your servers.

What is APPTIA

About The APPTIA

It's a group of people who are experienced in creating digital goods. We met during the job or IT meetups. All cases are lead by company owner who will eventually contact you with one of our experts.

We do internet and we live in internet. Remote working for companies around the world is our product.

Why apptia

Competitive Benefit

Competitive advantages are conditions that allow a company or country to produce a good or service at equal value but at a lower price or in a more desirable fashion

Safe & Secure
Payment at the end
Smart Application
Fast implementation
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